Heritage Zine

Heritage Zine

This project and zine collection was made possible with funding from Sefton CVS Heritage fund. For more information about other projects they help grow, visit https://seftoncvs.org.uk/

Throughout 2022 we took part in the Heritage Growing project funded by Sefton CVS. This meant we focus on growing heritage seeds and their various varieties. Heritage seeds are different from seeds you’d normally pick up in a shop as their longevity and history has come from farmers and gardeners, rather than commercial growing. Most of the varieties we chose to grow originated from farmers in the UK, dating all the way back to the 1700’s! 

The project allowed us to host heritage cooking workshops at our garden where we shared recipes, talked about how food culture has changed throughout the years and how we can reduce food waste. The recipes we cooked during those sessions have been made into a mini cookbook, so have a go at home! 

You can print your very own copy of our “glut cookbook” and “heritage growing tips” zines below, Fold up according to these instructions and you’re ready to go.

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