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There’s always tasks and jobs that we need a hand with at the community garden. From weeding to compost turning there are jobs for everyone, at every age and every ability. If you’re into handy work, No doubt there’s always something we need fixing. We appreciate anyone who can volunteer their time towards the garden imeseley, Your time is valuable and we cant thank you enough for choosing to give us some of it. By helping us, you’re helping the community and our planet.

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“I found out about the community garden at an open day during a break in lockdown, and I’ve been going ever since. It is important to me and has helped with my mental health. I am an outdoor person and the garden means that I can be outdoors growing stuff, that would otherwise be beyond my means, both financially and physically".
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"NPCG has made an incredible difference to both my mental and physical health. It has allowed me to practice and gain confidence with my social skills. I now feel able to hold and engage in conversations with all types of people, even people I had not previously met, which used to be a large barrier for me. I feel more confident in myself as I now feel a part of a community space,"
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Both Ali & Jan have worked incredibly hard to create a welcoming community. They are able to alter and configure tasks to people's level of ability. If one day you are feeling able to do something but not the next, you are not judged or forced to participate. NPCG has attracted a unique variety of people who all have different individual life experiences but are still able to connect and form bonds with one another.
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